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The first Asian NdFeB Summit open NdFeB industry the future of information technology
The first Asian NdFeB Summit open NdFeB industry the future of information technology
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The Middle East has oil, China has rare earth. "Deng Xiaoping word has point to understand the strategic significance of the rare earth dispute lurking behind. As one of the important industrial raw materials with Industrial vitamins, "said the rare earth, is widely used in high-tech, military defense, and clean energy. It is for this reason that the world's reserves, bear more than 90% of the world's supply of rare earth rare earth kingdom ", often become the object of Western countries to launch an attack. Rare earth raw materials at home and abroad terminal field of use, NdFeB industry, its decision of rare earth international status of important factors around environmental protection, structural optimization, harmony and win-win, NdFeB Association in Asia will be charged with the NdFeB industry, power become the great mission of the world NdFeB industry power.

        Critical moment in the country's 12th Five-Year Plan vigorously called for the development of new energy and new materials, NdFeB industry to accelerate the production technology, the international major strategic significance. Must constantly innovate, breaking the existing traditional mode of production has driven walking in front of the win in front of NdFeB industrial development of key technologies as a priority task of the development of new industries.

        In order to promote the the NdFeB industry development and industry information construction, making China the world NdFeB industry power NdFeB Association of Asia has been the support and concern of the industry from all walks of life, in deciding to hold a large Asian NdFeB Summit Summits The country is tentatively scheduled in China, Malaysia, Japan, India and other major Asian Nd-Fe-B-producing areas, and will be held on April 14, 2012 the first Asian the NdFeB Summit, located in Ningbo, China. The theme of the conference will focus on the interpretation of the raw materials in the short-term spike in internal and external reasons, to resolve future NdFeB industry trends, to drive future the NdFeB public consultation platform construction industry and accelerate the optimization of the the NdFeB whole industry chain.

The conference, organized by the Asian NdFeB Association, NdFeB industry network co-host, invited Hunan Institute of rare earth materials Professorial Fellow, Mr. Ouyang Yu Ping, Mr. Zhong Ke San Huan Ye Qing, Dr. Ho, vice president of Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Manager Linde, silver Na Jinke Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Miss Luo Yiping, chief engineer Mr. CALLIHAN Randolph Wayne (USA) for the conference, Ambassador, Ke Tian, 宁波科宁达, Ningbo Yunsheng, Zhejiang British Luo Hua, Hengdian East magnetic, Jiangxi Jinli Mag Rare-Earth and other well-known domestic leading enterprises have responded positively to organize and participate in the summit exchanges. Presently there has been a certain strength of hundreds of Nd-Fe-B processing units to participate, there will be Sina, Sohu, Ningbo Daily, South East Business News, Evening News, and Reuters, Phoenix and many other large media organizations on the entire process of the meeting is to conduct a comprehensive follow-up reports. Asian the NdFeB Association cordially invite more businesses, media and organizations will participate, gathered in the city of Ningbo, shared the 2012 Asian NdFeB event. Fuhua magnetic industry will also attend the event.

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