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Marketing Strategy
Into the big chains - Xin Yang efforts to integrate into the international modern motor vehicle parts industry supply chain, as in the international division of labor has core strengths "Mingpeijiao" and internationally renowned auto giant strategic partners.
Start big engines - Xin Yang promote "continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence," the spirit of a common mission, vision and strategic goals, start all employees work together, work hard together to create a better Xin foreign companies.
Build a large R & D - Xin foreign companies to accelerate product development and high-tech projects, and actively develop new materials, energy saving and environmental protection industries and products such as high-tech fields. Seize the international market a successful trial of new products Motor vehicle parts, as soon as possible put into mass production, seize market share.
Gather large groups - human resources, especially high-tech talent is the company's development initiatives. Attract, develop automotive air conditioning industry senior personnel, erected outstanding talent that is Xin Yang Everlasting foundation. Through the implementation of the human resources system reorganization, build, improve and optimize the human resources system, the pay system, incentives and staff training system, as soon as possible can attract, retain and train people mechanism and the environment play in order to create conditions for employees enable enterprises to get the sound development of lasting power.
Strategic Path: Xin Yang practicing corporate strength; promote quality ISO/TS16949: 2002 quality management system operation; unremittingly, perseverance make continuous improvements. By comprehensively enhance the company's technology, quality, management level, develop a style of thinking competent, proficient, love and dedication, the company's highly responsible, loving plants such as home workforce.
Quality policy and objectives
① The company aims to adapt;
② comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system;
③ customer-centric, product quality is fundamental.
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