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Subsidies for energy-saving appliances to boost demand for rare earth permanent magnet
Subsidies for energy-saving appliances to boost demand for rare earth permanent magnet
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"China's energy conservation and environmental protection air conditioning started late, high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials mainly by Japan and domestic enterprises authorized by the patent in 2011 with China's energy conservation and environmental protection air conditioner production technology continues to mature, the inverter air conditioner market graduallyinto the outbreak, the surge in demand for high-performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials.

May 16, 2012, the State Council executive meeting decided to organize a financial subsidy of 26.5 billion yuan for energy-saving appliances subsidy "Twelve Five" period, to promote the consumption of energy-saving appliances and other products. May 28, energy efficient room air conditioners projects that benefit to promote the implementation of the rules by the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and distributed to the various air conditioning companies. Conditions, the execution time for this round of subsidies for energy policy June 1, 2012 to 2013, during this time period, home air conditioning fixed speed products of primary and secondary energy-efficient products, inverter air conditioner primary and secondary energy efficient products can enjoy.

Up to 400 yuan subsidy amount has been much higher than before the stop of the 2011 energy policy of benefiting subsidies, which will be conducive to the promotion of energy-saving air conditioners and other home appliances, thus boosting market demand for Nd-Fe-B. Compared to ferrite, air conditioning small NdFeB volume and low noise, less the amount of copper supplies. In general energy efficiency rating of 1,2-level air-conditioning must be used NdFeB, grade 3 and 4 ferrite and NdFeB can be used. Each air-conditioned NdFeB approximately 0.15-0.25 kg.

Air conditioning the ferrite cost about $ 30 each, NdFeB, ferrite cost difference of about $ 100, but with the introduction of subsidies, energy-saving and quality advantages of the Nd-Fe-B will appear. According to the statistical results of PRC, Beijing 6349 to more than 900 cities and counties nationwide mainstream appliance stores retail level in the first quarter of 2012, energy efficiency products accounted for 1.87% of the total volume of retail sales, the two accounted for 21.01%, three accounting for 68.23%, four, five products as well as the proportion of 8.89%. Energy efficiency, 2-stage air-conditioning market is a huge space.

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