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Will be pushing the technological transformation of China's rare earth industry, environmental technologies need to break the ice
Will be pushing the technological transformation of China's rare earth industry, environmental technologies need to break the ice
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At present, the protection of resources and the environment has become an important task for the sustainable development of China's rare earth industry, and speed up the development and industrialization of the rare earth advanced environmental technology is the key to accomplish this task, for which China will increase the technological transformation of rare earth enterprises support efforts to promote positive development and application of environmental technologies. This is the fourth held from August 8 to 10 in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China Baotou Rare Earth Industry Forum (International) out of the news.

The forum, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Su Bo pointed out that, at present, China's rare earth industry, the most prominent problem in the rare earth mining, metallurgical separation there are still many aspects of backward technology, leading rare earth enterprises and environmental protection, but off. Southern rare earth enterprises discharged ammonia, heavy metals contaminated soil and groundwater, farmland cut or even crops; northern rare earth enterprises in the light rare earth the associated mining separation of production process emissions of toxic and hazardous wastewater, waste gas and radioactive waste, handling difficult. Ganzhou, Jiangxi only one region, the rare earth production technology and equipment, backward technology, pollution ecological recovery and management of investment would need 380 billion yuan, Jiangxi rare earth industry two years 2010 and 2011, the sum of the profits of more than four times.

Su Bo said, one of the priorities of the next rare earth industry management is to increase efforts to support technological innovation. First, increase efforts to eliminate serious pollution of the environment and ecologically destructive backward technology, to accelerate the technological transformation of enterprises and environmental protection, and gradually realize the efficient and clean production, the establishment of modern enterprise resource-saving and environment-friendly, efficient and clean; development of green mining technology, a substantial increase in the rare earth recovery, support the development of new flotation reagents and processing equipment, and rare earth mineral recovery, to carry out the work of the lean ore and tailings recovery; Third, increase state funds support rare earth technological transformation of enterprises, to promote enterprise actively developing new rare earth materials and application technology, vigorously develop high-tech, high value-added application of rare earth industry, to promote industrial structure optimization and upgrading.

China Rare Earth Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Wang iron, Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of Rare Earths Lin Dong Lu and other rare earth a number of senior experts told reporters that China's rare earth industry, environmental technology urgent need to break the ice, to speed up the elimination ionic rare earth heap leaching, straight dip serious damage to the environment and technology of ecological backward. The place needs as soon as possible to guide local rare earth enterprises to speed up the introduction and implementation of environmental technology, the use of rare earth industry for the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance arranged special funds for technological transformation, accelerate independent research and development of high-end technology and industrialization. The same time, the rare earth enterprises but also "going out" to speed up exchanges and cooperation with high-end rare earth production technology countries, enhance the level of enterprise technology.

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