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Department of Homeland: rare earth mining permits reduced for environmental reasons
Department of Homeland: rare earth mining permits reduced for environmental reasons
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The Ministry of Land and Resources has announced rare earth mining permits updated list of national rare earth mining permit number was reduced to 67 from the previous 113. The Ministry of Land and Mineral Resources and Reserves, deputy director Shao-Bo Wang, 27, said the relevant departments to make the reduction of rare earth mining permit decision is completely out of considerations of environmental protection and rational development of resources.

Shao-Bo Wang made the remarks in Jiangxi Province to participate in the National People's Congress and China Century green line activities. He said, reduce the mining permit can be changed rare earth mining, small, scattered, chaotic situation, it is possible to improve the industry concentration, strengthen the management of rare earth mining, effectively reduce the phenomenon of unauthorized mining and pollution of the environment.

For a long time, the rare earth sprawl paid a heavy environmental price. Ganzhou Xinfeng County, rich in rare earth resources, mining rare earth mining point of the peak of the county of more than 1,000, caused by chaotic mining trees were cut down, serious soil erosion, the extraction of rare earth ions cause the mountains and fields acidification, dead vegetation, river pollution. Mining emissions of 54.38 million tons of tailings buried farmland, blockage of the river and raise the river bed, seriously affecting the production life of the eight towns of more than 50,000 villagers.

Ganzhou Mine Authority Deputy Director Xu Xinfeng said, if you want to ecological restoration of land damaged by mining rare earth minerals, the initial capital investment is expected to more than $ 38 billion., Jiangxi Province last year, the province's exports of rare earth earn less than $ 1,000,000,000 .

"China's rare earth mining permits integration and the integration of other mineral resources are synchronized in the 1980s, China's various types of mining permits up to more than 200 million, through rational planning, and by the end of 2010, the total number of all types of mining permit for about 110,000. "Shao-Bo Wang said, this is the inevitable choice for China's scientific development concept has been widely accepted, society and government environmental awareness is growing.

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